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We have compiled all the info on our page here in English, for your convenience. Please get in touch with us if there's anything else we can help with. You can find our contact info on the left-hand side, below the menu.


Haptic is a supplementing communication tool, consisting of signals given by touch, which describes surroundings, people, reactions and emotions. Haptic can also be used as an alternative to traditional guiding of hearing impaired and combined blind- and hearing impaired. Some haptic signs:

The sign for "COFFEE" would be a fist rotated against your shoulder.


A fist rotated against your shoulder 


Index finger and middle finger move like legs in motion


Indicates something is happening on your righthand side


Hapti-Co started in the fall of 2008, and consists of interpreter for deaf and deafblind. We started Hapti-Co after Trines partner asked us to continue her work, after she passed away.

Who was Trine?

You could call her the founder of haptic communication in Norway. Trine Næss had a degree in special education when she started becoming deafblind. She quickly realised what limitations being deafblind could have in communicating with others. The eternal optimist in her made her shift  focus, from the fact that she was going to lose her hearing and vision into what she could do to not lose  out in communication. 

That is where it all started. Soon Trine was neck-deep in a formal research on deafblind communication, through conversations with other sight- and hearing-impaired. She used videologging and her own practices to map out how people in the deafblind community communicated and different techniques they used to compensate. To her great joy she noticed that clear linguistic frameworks started to emerge.

Trine met Russ Palmer in 1991, a British deafblind music therapist. They shared the  interest and passion  for communication. Later Russ met his lifepartner,   Riitta Lahtinen, who also shared their commond interest and passion. She is a finish sign language interpreter and  mobility instructor, who took a PhD in social-haptic communication in 2008.

Trine set out to conquer the greatest challenge of them all; how to "embrace the surroundings". The techniques were a great help to her  life, and  her mission became to reach as many as she could in Norway and around the world, to spread the wonderful tool of haptic communication.

Hapti-Co continued Trines work after she passed away in 2008. The book is constructed on the basis of already established signals which deafblind have developed and used. These have been categorized and organized, so that those unfamiliar with the system can more easily access the system and use it in their everyday.

The book is a fantastic reference tool, with  aids you need to understand haptic communication. A haptic platform, with articulation sites, articulators and driving rules that provide a common framework for understanding across families, groups and countries.



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Feel free to contact us to arrange a course or if there is anything we can help you with. We are here for you.

As well as our own courses, we have contact with deafblinds who gives courses/information about the use of haptic communication. Email us at post@hapti-co.com and we will find the right person to suit your needs.


Haptic Communication is a result of our dream for a society which includes everyone. We have gathered and systemized all the material on haptic communication, so that it is a complete system and creates a common platform for all who uses haptic communication. We have teamed up with Helen Keller National Centre to create a English version of the book. They have done  amazing work to reach the American community. HKNC arrange courses about Haptic  communication/touch signals.

With the help of this book, vision- and hearing-impaired, their friends and family, as well as interpreters and other professionals, can learn to explain, describe and use the basic techniques of haptic communication. You can order the Norwegian version of this book in almost any online bookshop, by using this ISBN-number: 9788279353461. (Retail prise is usually about 325 NOK), or you can find the English translation on Amazon by clicking here.

Hapti-Co  gives courses in haptic communication for combined vision- and hearing-impaired, interpreters and other professionals. We offer different degrees of courses, to cover any needs and wishes. Get in touch, and we will find the perfect solution for you.


Course at UiO. We are practicing haptic descriptions in the cafeteria
Course at UiO. We are practicing haptic accompaning
Course at Eikholt. We are playing a "whisper game". The word is "footballmatch"
Course at Eikholt. "Whisper game", where the word is "football match"
Describing a computer screen
Course in Tromsø
Time to learn the word "radio"
Cours at UiO. We are practicing haptic describing in the cafeteria
Cours at UiO. We are practicing haptic describing in the cafeteria
Instructors-course in Asker
Course for Oppland, Hedmark, Østfold and Vestfold
Course for Oppland, Hedmark, Østfold and Vestfold

Sign up for one of our courses, to learn in a group committed to making sure everyone reaches the goal together. We have many interesting and fun activities, which activates the senses and really demonstrates the bond you forge with each other and the community around you through Haptic Communication.  Use the arrows on the right- and left-hand side of the images to navigate  through the gallery above.  Clicking an image will enlarge it.


Andbu Døvblindesenter

Conceling and guidance for deafblind.


Working towards social equality for blind and visually impaired, as well as other groups with disabilities.

Conrad Svendsen Senter

Living-, health- and care services for deafblind and deaf with special needs. Homebase in Oslo and Trondheim.

Norges Døveforbund

NDF is a neutral political and religious organisation, with a goal to achieve full participation and equality in the community.

Norges Døveforbunds Ungdom

A subbranch to Norges Døveforbund (NDF), who's job is to ensure that there are arrangements, events and activities for children and youths, such as camps, competitions, seminars and courses, as well as working with political questions, such as school environment, education interpreters, and rights within leisure/recreational and the workplace.

Nasjonal Kompetansetjeneste for Døvblinde

Part of the specialist health services in Norway. Consists of four branches with regional tasks, two also covers the whole country and one coordinates. All are connected to Helse Nord RHF, and works together with local officials, as part of a comprehensive and interdisciplinary service.


Since 1980 they have offered different services to people with combined vision- and hearing disabilities / deafblind, families and professionals / public services.

Foreldreforeningen for Døvblinde

A national parent organisation, which represents (in 2018) about 40 families with children born deafblind.

Foreningen Norges Døvblinde

National organisation for people with aquired deafblindness.

Helen Keller

Helen Keller National Center in USA (site is in English)

Landsforbundet for kombinert syns- og hørselshemmede/døvblinde (LSHDB)

National assosiation for people with aquired vision- and - hearing impairment/deafblindness.

Working towards rights for all, so everyone can participate in the community on equal ground, and to create social environments and activities suitable for everyone.

Nordic Welfare

Creates meetings, builds networks, shares knowledge and experiences with the people "in power" in the society, as well as being a bridgebuilder between science and practises.


Arranges jobs to deaf, hearing-impaired and deafblind in the Oslo area, in cooperation with NAV.


A public portal, with information about sight, hearing and combined sensory loss. Focuses on possibilities and overcoming obstacles, for people of all ages.


A diaconal, idealistic foundation, providing school, work and health care services to deaf, hearing impaired and deafblind.


Statped and Nasjonal Kompetansetjeneste for Døvblinde cooperates to offer counselling, evaluation and coursing.